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(style of aaron douglas)
(style of alan bean)
(style of alan lee)
(style of alex russell flint)
(style of alexandre benois)
(style of alfred munnings)
(style of alfred sisley)
(style of alison bechdel)
(style of anna boch)
(style of anne brigman)
(style of antonio saura)
(style of arthur hughes)
(style of bayard wu)
(style of bernard buffet)
(style of bill viola)
(style of blek le rat)
(style of bo bartlett)
(style of brad rigney)
(style of brian and wendy froud)
(style of burt glinn)
(style of carlos cruz-diez)
(style of carne griffiths)
(style of cathy wilkes)
(style of chantal joffe)
(style of charles burns)
(style of charles cundall)
(style of charles wysocki)
(style of chris claremont)
(style of christoffer relander)
(style of clyde caldwell)
(style of corneille)
(style of craigie aitchison)
(style of daniel ridgway knight)
(style of david burliuk)
(style of david finch)
(style of david hettinger)
(style of debbie criswell)
(style of eddie campbell)
(style of edward moran)
(style of edwin deakin)
(style of edwin lord weeks)
(style of eleanor fortescue-brickdale)
(style of ellen von unwerth)
(style of emil nolde)
(style of emmanuelle moureaux)
(style of emory douglas)
(style of francesco hayez)
(style of franklin booth)
(style of františek kupka)
(style of gifford beal)
(style of gillis d'hondecoeter)
(style of gjon mili)
(style of gustav doré)
(style of h.p. lovecraft)
(style of hans makart)
(style of harold harvey)
(style of hayv kahraman)
(style of henryk siemiradzki)
(style of hiroshige)
(style of hope gangloff)
(style of horatio nelson poole)
(style of howard chaykin)
(style of issac levitan)
(style of j.c. leyendecker)
(style of james stokoe)
(style of john duncan)
(style of john singer sargent)
(style of kadir nelson)
(style of katsuhiro otomo)
(style of ken sugimori)
(style of liu ye)
(style of louis rhead)
(style of mab graves)
(style of marc davis)
(style of marc simonetti)
(style of mary anning)
(style of maximilian pirner)
(style of michael carson)
(style of michael parkes)
(style of michelangelo buonarroti)
(style of paul gustav fischer)
(style of paula modersohn-becker)
(style of peter howson)
(style of phil jimenez)
(style of quentin tarantino)
(style of quint buchholz)
(style of ray caesar)
(style of remedios varo)
(style of richard diebenkorn)
(style of robert stivers)
(style of roberto ferri)
(style of roger ballen)
(style of sandra chevrier)
(style of saul bass)
(style of steve lieber)
(style of steve mccurry)
(style of tex avery)
(style of thomas kinkade)
(style of todd mcfarlane)
(style of tom roberts)
(style of tom thomson)
(style of tom whalen)
(style of tomi ungerer)
(style of william gropper)
(style of yayoi kusama)
(style of yoji shinkawa)
(style of yves tanguy)
(style of zack snyder)
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